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I feel for this guy because I know what he's going through. I built a house in Mass that was within 200 feet of wetlands so I had to jump through hoops to get a building permit. I had to hire an Engineer, Geologist, Biologist, Hydraulogist, and every other gist wanted a piece of me. On top of that I had to build an elaborate drainage system, almost like a leech field, with tanks, pipes and stone for all the drains on the gutters of the house. No water from my property was allowed to drain directly into the wetlands without going through this drainage system first. It cost me an extra 10K just to pay for all these expert opinions into what kind of damage my building could cause to the wetlands and another 10K to implement it. Of course I had to surround my property with 1K worth of hay bails first.
The following year the electric company, which has it's high tension wires running right through the wetlands a little further up the street from me, came in and clear cut a path through the wetlands. They drove right through with it big machines and chain saws dropping trees and brush while just leaving it there to decay. And no hay bails anywhere. So, with steam coming out of my ears, I call the city to complain. I was told that they had an easement through the wetlands and they could do what ever they want in that easement.
The moral of the story is, the little guy is nobody and the guys with authority do what ever they want without recourse. Sorry but I had to get that off my chest after reading this.
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