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Beaver dams can be a big nuisance. We have one behind our home here in Massachusetts and the one thing I learned is beavers, while prolific dam builders, really aren't that good at it. The dam I'm talking about holds back about 5 acres of water to a depth of around 3 feet. Why do I say they are not very good at it? Because over the last 15 or so years the dam has breached catastrophically at least twice. Generally what happens is that a large long rainfall starts overflowing the dam. Being constructed mainly of sticks and mud, the dam eventually breaches and lets all the water out, usually in less than a day. So I'm thinking that although the workers definitely sped up the process, it would have happened eventually anyway. Now that said, a little preventative maintenance, such as clearing the dam as it's being built probably would prevent this from happening in the future. Also a beaver trapper could solve the problem long term. As far as cleaning up the refuse? I'm torn on that as it may do more damage than good.
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