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Default Roberts Cove beaver dam break

We had the same thing happen in Roberts Cove about 7 years ago in July. A 9 acre pond drained down the hill in a flash flood into the end of the cove & even went out into the broads. It was devastating to the cove. Covered the entire cove with 6 to 10 inches of muck, rocks, trees & all kinds of debris. The cove which used to be a beautiful sandy bottom has never recovered. We even have weeds starting to grow in the middle now. There was speculation that the land owner broke it to drain the land?? It uncovered a septic system right on the edge of the lake & almost took 2 cars into the lake which were parked right where it went across the Roberts Cove Rd. We had mucky water for the rest of the summer. We had to call the DES the next winter because every time we had rain it washed more debris down the hill & onto the ice. Disgusting!! They came out & made land owner clean up the broken dam debris at the top to prevent that from happening. I remember the conversation with them about their lack of concern about what this did to the cove & everyones property in that area. Un believable that they give individual lake front owners such a hard time but allow something like this to impact the lake! I wish I had some answers for you. Good luck!
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