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Originally Posted by Descant View Post
I think we're all glad you had a good time. Certainly, we appreciate that you gave us some feedback on your experiences. What was the reaction of your shipmate? Did you both drive?

Now, just read the catalogs and decide which boat shows you want to attend. Annapolis and Fort Lauderdale are next month.
We did both drive, she would not attempt docking however and I don't blame her, I wasn't exactly in a position to "teach" anything. I learned more about docking in the 3 minutes the kid at the marina was whipping the boat through pretty much every obstacle imaginable to the fuel docks when I returned it than I did in the rest of the time here.

I haven't worked out a good system docking yet, she was not born with good balance and could never jump from the boat to the dock without holding onto something so I've pretty much just been practicing doing it solo which was ok this past week but when the docks are packed and I have to shoe horn into a spot I am going to need to utilize her somehow.

Originally Posted by Island Girl View Post
If you are still on the island, you will see how suddenly the wind can pick up. It was a little breezy then Whoosh... wind, waves and white caps. The worry now is boats hitting bottom when docks and the wave troughs get really low.

Hivolt, you did have a wonderful week weatherwise. And yes, we thought you were a little "insane to rent an island house broad side of basically an ocean having never boated before"!!

We all have lessons learned and gratefully lived to tell the tale.

We left about 11:45. I noticed after the rain stopped it was fairly calm with little to no breeze. I was going to give it an hour or so to dry the dock off a little so I wasn't tracking so much crud onto the boat but then the wind began to pick up so I decided to get a move on as I had 2 trips to the RIA dock to make before bringing the boat back, I'm glad I didn't wait any longer as I had a plenty bumyp ride as it was back to Wolfeboro.
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