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Default Could be a long term problem...

"Conservation/Management: Rock bass are considered an invasive species that, once introduced, is capable of altering the food web in lake and pond ecosystems.


Discourage the spread of rock bass through illegal introduction into new waterbodies. Once established, rock bass are virtually impossible to eradicate."

So until something starts feeding in earnest on the rock bass or rock bass fry it seems they are with us. As with any population theres a chance it will crash and maybe the bass can make a comeback. As it is I'ved moved my bass fishing to 30ft+ in midsummer. It appears to me, a winni novice, that there are smallmouth that have become more like the salmon feeding on the open water bait. Read some of the trip reports on to hear how many smallies are being caught DEEP by the Salmon/Trout trollers.
Its tough fishing that deep to find bait/bass as they appear to relate only to the wandering bait clouds vs gathering on structure.
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