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So hadn't really heard of Sonos before, so after doing a quick search and learning a bit about the product I will say the following...

If you are a real audio file the Sonos Stereo Amp module is only capable of 55W per channel, and only capable of driving two wired speakers, not 4 as was indicated in an earlier post. I use high quality speakers, and 55W peak per channel continuous just isn't enough. 80 continuous is about the lowest I would go... My good stereo amp is rated at 120 per channel for comparison... But Hey I realize not everyone enjoys music the way I do....

I believe if you invest in a good quality amp which will drive several sets of speakers, the connect module would be the way to go, however as some one has pointed, out that would not give the flexibility that you want as everyone would be stuck listening to the same thing....

Just some thoughts.... to think about...
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