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Exclamation Nuisance !

The rock bass is most certainly in the lake no matter what anyone says. I have caught numerous white perch and rock bass collectively and know the difference, the white perch do not however bed with the smallmouth as I have observed underwater. The white perch often reside in larger columns of water in schools at least in Winni. The times I have been fishing at the Long Island bridge I had caught a rock bass on whatever soft plastic I threw down there. They devour everything they see and are a definite threat to all game species in Winni. They also bed in June - July in shallow water near my dock and when the Fam goes for a swim they are brutally attacked by the fish that are trying to protect their beds. It was unbearable and some would not bite a hook while bedding. I solved that problem with a speargun but I know others will be back next year. They are a nuisance to the lake in I believe they are not a natural species to Winni but somehow with the slightly warmer waters of recent years have migrated through river systems or accidentally illegally introduced. If you catch them killem or eat whatever you want but they must be eliminated at all costs if possible. Those who don't believe they are there are to old school and need to realize what's happening.
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