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Default Pandora

I went to Pandora (Country Music ) and was VERY Impressed with the selection...AND if you didn't like the piece playing you could click to the Next piece. And it's FREE. I like FREE.

Once you are On, the music continues. Click ahead to the next problem. Explore Further... and you get a lock out screen that wants your email address and other "sensitive" info..IMHO.

BACK OUT and try again and the same thing.

SO: I remove Cookies and Re-Boot the computer. Good. I'm back in. So I guess if I want FREE Music I will have to Re-Boot and Remove Cookies Every Time...OR GIVE them my info......AND start to get FREE Advertising via email.

The MUSIC was Good...They want my INFO not so good. NB

I always knew there was no free lunch.

PS: I am not interested in streaming music to anything other than my computer. No sound systems throughout the house. JUST the computer.
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