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Sonos is a good system and yes you can add on zones. Each Sonos amplifier can handle 4 speakers so you may be able to start with a few and do multiple rooms. The only downside is if 2 rooms are hooked up to one amplifier they will have the same source and same volume level. If you're house is wired with volume controls you should check with Sonos as most systyms with digital amplifiers do not work and sound correct with them. You can remove them if easily if needed. The only downside of Sonos is that it is a music only system and does not do any automation and cannot control tv's and other audio video equipment. We have a Control-4 system that does the audio and also controls our lights, HVAC, alarm and other items and the price point to get the just audio part was close to the Sonos but we were able to add on as we wanted. If you just want to listen to music and you are happy with the same source throughout the house you can purchase a speakers selector box with or without volume controls, a amplifier or even a receiver will work and add one Sonos unit and you're done. There are allot of options out there so deciding on what you want now and long range is important so you get the right components.
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