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Default Love Sonos!!

I have had the Sonos system for close to two years now and I absolutely love it. We have the Sonos Play 3 in our living room and then I have two Connect amps that go with two different sets of speakers on two different outdoor decks. The sound on the Play 3 is perfect for the space it is in. I usually just use Pandora through all of those but I also have an Internet subscription to Sirius XM which you can use just as easily as Pandora. Pandora is free and the Sirius XM internet subscription is $7.99 per month. You can also play tons of digital radio stations through Sonos as well as playing your iPod/iphone music directly to the system without having to dock it. Sonos is easy to use and you can download the controller to your android or iPhone/iPad products. Sonos is easily expandable to different areas of your home, although I wouldn't say the components are inexpensive. Overall I have had no difficulties with it and would highly recommend it.
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