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I'm familiar with Sonos, though we don't use them (too expensive for what you get, IMO).

Pandora One is $36/year, and very worth it (IMO).

My music distribution system is based on Apple's Air Sharing. We have an AppleTV or Airport Express for each zone. A couple of rooms have a cheap AirShare-enabled radio (Like the Boston Acoustics MC200), but most have in-wall speakers hard-wired back to a central amp.

Using software and apps from Rogue Amoeba you can stream audio from any source on a PC (OS X or Windows) to any Air Share device. You can also run a client on a machine to RECEIVE airshare media. In one room I have a Mac Mini that acts as a jukebox and media server, I can stream music FROM it or TO it.

They have some nice apps as well for controlling things remotely. Overall it's a fairly cheap system, compared to other options, that gives you a lot more flexibility.

More than once we've had multiple streams going to multiple sources. My wife is listening to Pandora One being stream from an iPod Touch in the master bathroom wirelessly to overhead speakers in the bath/bedroom, and I'm streaming something else to the outdoor speakers and workshop speakers.
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