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Default It is ridiculous though.

You are driving along at 65+ and all of the sudden you have to drop down to 25 mph or even 10mph.
How safe is that? How fuel efficient is that? I understand that until you have the overhead pass through it is necessary. Heck just looking at the number of drivers that wait till the last second to decide which lane they should be in is reason enough to have reduced speed there.
How many times do you see drivers leave the easy pass lane only to drive across several lanes of traffic and wind up in the cash lane?
The one I like the best is the drivers you see weaving in and out of traffic on the highway, driving like a total idiot. Then you get to the tolls and see them sitting in a line of traffic at the cash lane while you drive thru the easy pass lane. Then a couple of miles down the road you see a repeat with the same driver.
On our last trip to Maine we saw the same scenario, only this time there was a cop in the right place at the right time and he got bagged. God I love it when that happens and you actually get to see it!
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