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Originally Posted by Rattlesnake Gal View Post
a great big thank you to Webmaster Don for all of the time and effort that goes into
RG, you run a close second in time and effort put into the site and you deserve lots of credit too. Many people don't realize the time you put into our event calendar, historical posts and other helpful and entertaining information that you provide. Although Laura has taken the lead planning the FF the last few years you have always been there assisting. Thanks Celia, the site wouldn't be the same without you!

On another subject, I downloaded the uStream video of the FF and was hoping to edit it down to some highlights from the 3 hour recording. Unfortunately there was a serious problem with the audio that I didn't catch until I saw the video. The audio was unusable leaving me with a silent movie 3 hours long.

Instead of giving up on it I accelerated the video and set it to a variety of music clips. Some of it is kind of funny, especially when Laura appears to be dancing to the banjo music at 2:50:

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