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Originally Posted by Bear Islander View Post
I have already contacted the Marine Patrol requesting data on under 12 year old operators. I have also received and sent several PMs, emails and phone calls on the subject. I guess I kind of stirred up a hornets nest.

There was plenty of data and testimony to support a speed limit. We can argue forever about whether or not it was sufficient. So far I am unaware of ANY data that supports setting an operator minimum at 12 years old. If the Marine Patrol has data that makes a case for this legislation, then that is a different story.

All opinions to the contrary, I like to keep an open mind.
I hadn't thought of the age thing until you brought it up BI, I was just focused on the loophole which was pretty silly. I'll keep an open mind on the age and HP thing, I have no real opinion yet. I think it was simply overlooked.

I think the Marine Patrol should have listened to more people, and also, given their opinions more frequently. I do, however, understand why the MP doesn't want to get too public in their opinions, because everything's so political nowadays.

Good to hear from you again. Really, it is.
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