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Cool No "Deep End" to Fall From...

Originally Posted by Yankee View Post
Yet another example from a member of the pro SL rat pack going off the deep end again, ranting about how safe the lake was this summer solely due to the SL, but once again showing NO PROOF of their claims. They ignore the fact that this country is in a historic recession, that tourism averywhere is at levels not seen in decades, and that the NHMP Boater Certificate program has gained traction every year since inception. They ignore events like the Donzi Poker run, NASWA's Peter Makris Poker Run, and the Lakeport Landing Poker Run.

Facts never were your strong point anyway, I guess why should you start now.
1) Speaking of facts, would you kindly quote a source that shows how "The Great Recession" affected Winnipesaukee's 2010 microscopic collision statistics?

(I quoted Director Barrett of the NHMP, who should know "Winnipesaukee's Ultimate Safe Season" when he sees it.)

2) From the perspective of my front porch, I saw only slackening of NHMP presence. How did they manage to write 20 speeding tickets?

Moreover, my neighboring McMansions were rented completely through July and August and were even rented-out—in May and June—on weekends!

3) The Boater Certificate program was grievously flawed, but got "tweaked" recently at great expense, indicating just how superficial that program (and NJ's—and CT's) originally was.

4) Thank you, SBONH-NHRBA, for not killing anyone during the Poker Run.

How about a SBONH-NHRBA "Smoke on The Waters Memorial Poker Run" to memorialize the five killed in that Poker Run!
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