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Originally Posted by Bear Islander View Post
The anti-speed-limit people have been complaining for years about their boating privileges being limited. So now they are supporting the effort to remove operator privileges from a HUGE portion of the public?

They have argued that there is insufficient data to support a speed limit. Is there ANY data to support taking away these operator privileges? If there is any negative data I would love to see it, and might re-evaluate my position.

It is already illegal to allow a 2 year old to operate a power boat solo. It's called child endangerment.

My son will be 12 next summer so this legislation will not effect him. But he has been operating our 15 HP boat since he was 8 and operating it alone since he was 10.

8 or 10 might be a reasonable limit but not 12! Or set a 5 HP limit from 8 to 12. Something like that may make sense but not this legislation.

When you live on an island boats are your ONLY form of travel. This legislation would be unfairly restrictive to island children.

Image below of soon may be illegal operation of battery powered boat.
Same approach WINFABS took - tarket everyone, just because of a few morons. (Said morons being in all types of boats, not just performance boats.) You are correct...the shotgun approach is no way to address problems.
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