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Originally Posted by VtSteve View Post
...... Frankly, I've see kids (not 2 years old), that are much more proficient than a great deal of adults. Start them off in a dinghy and let them learn quick.
I have to agree whth you on that one. Here is one experience that surprised me. Many years ago I worked on marine radios and worked on boats in every marina in RI. At one boatyard I was surprised to see the young son (aprox 11 years old) of the owner of the marina get into a yard skiff and start the engine (about a 25 hp outboard). My first thought was "what is that kid doing in that boat". Well, I watched him motor out to a mooring, pick up a boat from the mooring and deposit it at the gas dock with more skill that I ever saw from a lot of "adults". A little later I was talking to his dad, the marina owner, and he said his son has handled boats since he was 8 years old. His son had spent many many hours under the watchfull eye of his father learning how to handle boats before being allowed to handle one on his own. Dad did say son was limited to a 16 foot skiff and outboard .... for now.

Granted, this is a not common occurrence but is something to consider.
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