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Originally Posted by Bear Islander View Post
Are 11 year olds causing accidents or violating the boating regulations at a higher rate than older people? If they are I am unaware of it. If they are not then why are 11 year olds having their privilege to operate power boats taken away?

Why is the example given that or a 2 year old operating a 25HP boat? Why not have the example given be an 11 year old.

What about an 11 year old operating a trolling motor under 1 HP. That will now be illegal.

Obviously everyone that can legally operate a power boat should be allowed to take a safe boater course. That has been an idiotic loophole is the law. But why take boating privileges away from 10 and 11 year olds? Apples and oranges!

Talk about nanny state, this sounds like a solution looking for a problem.
No to be argumentative for the sake of it BI. But the very same has been said many, many times about the original SL bill passed. Many, many accidents were caused by boats doing less than 30 mph, including the two most talked-about accidents on the lake. People are well aware of the circumstance involved in those cases, but they were not addressed properly.

The current law's loophole is a bit silly. How many adults that don't have boating certificates caused accidents in boats having 25 hp or less? Me thinks you're looking for silliness here, and not acknowledging how silly the current law is written. There are many, many examples you could have brought up, why throw that one out?

Just sayin.
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