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Originally Posted by Wolfeboro_Baja View Post
Also, it appears that NWZ's don't apply to the pilots working for CruiseNH. About a month ago, we watched either the Doris E. or Sophie C. cruise through the same NWZ at what was probably their normal cruising speed but that still creates a pretty good wake. I know because we were IN that NWZ when they went through and their wake had us wallowing in the water pretty good as we went through at NWS.
I have also witnessed this many times. It seems to me that these two boats do not alter speed in no wake zones. This does cause a bit of a jam for boats who *are* travelling at headway speed as large wakes are much less manageable at very slow speed.

I believe that the Mount also does not alter speed in no wake areas - but it's not really a big deal because her wake is virtually non-existent.
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