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Question Military-Enough?

Originally Posted by VitaBene View Post
This lake will never be "safe".
Your argument is not with me—but with member Skip, who continues to assert:
"The Lake is safe, continues to be safe and always was safe."
Originally Posted by VitaBene View Post
I usually set my cruise control at 72-73 in a 65 MPH zone and find that most do the same. I rarely see egregious driving violations.
Then you missed the knot of southbound motorists I was caught up in going 85-MPH, on the way to the border. I realized I was "way-over", pulled in, and was promptly passed by a "Pilgrim" bus—going 90!

Originally Posted by VitaBene View Post
(I do live in Moultonboro, famous for the gauntlet!).
When managing "the gauntlet", one must pass not one—but two—schools with kiddies.

Originally Posted by VitaBene View Post
Would one of your dull headed lances do a number on a lake vistor's undersized vessel?
You misquote—then miss my point completely.

Each wood spar was a "silent sentinel" on every boater after dark—PVC, not so much.

Originally Posted by VitaBene View Post
The only boats that I have seen on this lake that look like military boats are the MP's Rigid Inflatable Boats.:
They don't have to be painted gray to look military. The attachment below shows a near-shore vessel of a foreign military that threatened a U. S. Navy ship in the Arabian Sea.

Another appeared recently in The U.S. Naval Institute's publication of Proceedings, a monthly periodical. The issue reviews just one poor Caribbean country's interdiction fleet—featuring one of eight similar patrol boats—made by Nor-Tech.

"...built without bunks and water tanks to fit 100 extra gallons of fuel and other equipment, such as a FLIR camera and communications equipment. They are used for coastal and riverine patrol, search and rescue operations, anti-narcotics operations, go-fast interdiction. They are armed with a M-60 machine gun and they carry M-16 rifles."

Isn't that "military"?

Here's the foreign-Navy vessel that threatened a U.S. Navy vessel:
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