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Post Nothing Against Snow, But...

Originally Posted by XCR-700 View Post
"...they all seem to involve common sense and basic boating and navigation skills, and that all the new laws and restrictions didn’t seem to help prevent these unfortunate events.

Also interesting to note that some of the operators most likely have the basic boating and navigation skills and should have had common sense , so it could be just unfortunate lapses in judgment and maybe a bit of luck of the draw..."
Correct: New laws have had no play this season: The "law" of Hypothermia did, however.

But—as one who doesn't even own a cell phone—a read-up in this month's Popular Science is illuminating: If you use your cellphone while driving, "you're not using common sense".

Science Confirms the Obvious 2010:

"Sometimes it takes long, hard study to pin down what we thought we knew all along—and to reveal surprising findings beneath the surface of common sense. People drive poorly when talking on their cellphone..."
Originally Posted by EllyPoinster View Post
I've got to wonder whether the great summer weather we have been enjoying this season is a factor. Better weather = more boats excursions = more opportunities for an accident?
1) One would think that more accidents would occur in bad weather; however, the Coast Guard has long reported that most accidents occur on sunny days with calm water.

2) Last season, we had an active "Blizzard" court case to keep lesser (but otherwise-newsworthy) Winnipesaukee news stories off the front pages.

3) Yet now, so far in the year 2010, the effects of the many sunny days can be witnessed by one's tanning abilities! This effect didn't show up (on me) even after one entire 2009 boating seasonas reported here during all of August and September...!

Not to take away from the crash, but after all, this year's night-collision involved quite a crowd in one boat—was it eight aboard one boat—or eleven?) With only one injured, this suggests that the impact wasn't quite what we'd read about.

You may recall that running aground wasn't limited to The Witches last year.

Maybe a name-change to something more sinister is needed there?
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