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Originally Posted by XCR-700 View Post
Well given that both of my boats are out of commission at the moment,,, I'll agree, bring it on Baby!!!

Actually one of the best snowmobile day trips I have had in years was a grand tour of Winnipesaukee 2 years ago.

Met David531 from this site that day up in Wolfboro and he guided us around the north side of the lake and took us back to his house for refeshments. It really made it a day to remember. David is a real class act, sure glad to be sharing Winnipesaukee with him (frozen or liquid!)

Looking forward to another tour on the lake when it looks like a winter wonderland.

But then again maybe not just yet,,, or as they all say, all things in due time,,,

Hope to hook up with you when it is sledding season.
Sounds like a plan, I just hope this year we don't get screwed for snow like last year. It was getting old having to trailer north of the notches to ride. I never got the chance last year to take a ride through the Ossipee mountains, if you've never done it, well worth it!

Vita-Bene let me know when you start to do trail work, with enough notice I might be able to help out a bit, especially if it involves whapping trees down. Any excuse to use my chainsaw is a good one!
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