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So I want to stop by bring back up a few point from earlier....

--- First and emergancy vehicle is only an emergancy vehicle when it lights are on and flashing... so a cop pulled off to the side of the road, is just an observer.

--- Second, it is just common curtiousy to pull over into the passing lane when safely possible and someone is in the breakdown lane. The reason the law got passed was that to many people fail to do the right thing even when there is plenty of room to do so... So after many years and plenty of statistic to back the law up across the country the law was passed.

Now as for cops pulling people over from the side of the road or even stepping out into the traffic lanes, this is done all over the country. When it is done correctly and safely it is done on a straight stretch of road with clear visibility and it is pretty obvious what is going on. People should be slowing down anyways.

Occassionally you see a single cop do this maneuver when he shouldn't... and maybe it is scary for all involved including said officer, because in the course of doing something else on the side of the road, he notices something he can't just let slide....Remember one thing: POLICE OFFICERS ARE HUMAN, WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES........ They react and run off of adrenaline and emotion... and sometimes it cause an oops... Instead of getting angry or fearing police officers, get to know some of them.... talk to them... Have lunch with them... hey if you haven't done anything wrong what have you to fear.... other then learning how uncomfortable it is wearing bullet proof vests.... Having to make decissions, in less time then it take most people think about what there next task at work is going to be.....
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