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Originally Posted by hancoveguy View Post
You are correct Sir. However, as a former tractor trailer driver and current police officer, it is absolutely the smart thing to "move over" anyway. If the vehicle in the breakdown lane pulls out, opens its door etc you will be technically not in violation of any law but definitely worse off than just a ticket. If you ever watch tractor trailers (professional drivers) when there is a vehicle (any vehicle) in the BDL they instinctively move over to a safe lane. Is it required? NO. Is it the smartest, most courteous thing to do? YES.

Just my .02 cents

BTW- the move over law extends beyond emergency vehicles. It includes anything with amber strobes as well i.e., construction, tow and maintenance vehicles.
I agree. I always move over if possible, whether they have flashers on or not. It's just smart.
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