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Default Speed Traps

Originally Posted by chipj29 View Post
I watched a trooper come literally within inches of his life when he walked from the breakdown lane into the right travel lane of I-93 to yell and point at a speeding vehicle in the left lane. There were 2 cars bearing down on him in the right lane, me (towing a trailer) and the car in front of me. The car in front of me was able to stop with inches to spare, and I came damn close to rear-ending the car. That in itself would have caused the car to hit the trooper. Just plain stupid on the troopers part.
I thought it innapropriate to post this in it's original thread as it had / has nothing to do with the original topic, but the event got me "hot" enough that I write this post ...... perhaps we can drag the specific debate over here.

In the course of my job, I am on the road almost every day and travel throughtout the six New England States. I am appalled and amazed always that both Mass and New Hampshire allow (and probably teach) their troopers the practice of "Stepping into a highway to flag an offender over". A gutsy move at best, yet they treat it as if they are invincible. I have NEVER witnessed this in any other state -- all others are "in" their cruisers, typically parralell or perpendicular to oncoming traffic.

As with chip (quoted above) I have personally witnessed too many "close calls".

What are they thinking??
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