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Default Give it a rest

Originally Posted by lawn psycho View Post
baygo, some people on here are unwilling to follow logical thinking. Nobody said ban cookies. Tons of data showing why trans-fat is a health risk. I will be writing the Girl Scouts myself.
Some of these folks are posting things that I would expect from a 5 year old when told to eat their vegetables.

And to those of you who brag that you want to eat boxes of cookies, when you stand in front of the mirror with the pudgy gut, love handles, or double chin; are you really happy with yourself? I'll even bet some of your are diabetic or have high BP. Only you can answer that question. It's your health (or not).
Get off your high horse. You're the one that sounds like a whining 5 year old. Enough of your adolesent thread hi-jack already.
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