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Originally Posted by Argie's Wife View Post
(And someone who has no problems w/ 'trans fats' but giggles because the name sounds like something Fraud discovered.)
LOL! I know I'd think twice before opening the door if Rupaul darkened the threshold sporting a lil beret and a box of tagalongs.

WMD's? Ha! What's that stand for? Waistline Maximizing Do-si-do's? Wicked Metabolism Derailment? Is the Boy Scout equivalent Weblow's Machieavelian Depravity?

Geesh...They're cookies. COOKIES! Whole lotta hullaballoo over snacks. Now if'n that oil was FULLY hydrogenated, I might somewhat understand the commotion. But seeing as though those little Brownies and their ilk couldn't muster the commitment needed to any more than partially hydrogenate them snack's I'm not gonna get too much up in a wad about it.
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