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Originally Posted by jmen24 View Post
LP, I am looking at my lunch box right know, I am finishing my second sandwich as I type, I have a can of MD, a vitamin water, a box of OJ, 1-2 cups of cheese nips, 1-2 cups of a home brew chex mix and a yogurt, I already had a banana, two clemintines, two glazed donuts, a cup of coffee and a large glass of milk (forgot, two single serve cracker barrel cheese bars). I have not had dinner yet, and I am not sure what that will be yet. I start eating when I wake up and do not stop until I go to bed, everyday.

I have a BMI of 20.13, my excersise consists of 40-50 sit ups and 20 push-ups every other day, stretching daily to keep my golf swing loose. Other than that, i will ride my mountain bike during the summer, golf and I use a push mower to handle the acre of lawn I have. Oh, yea I chase my kids around quite a bit.

I am not a fitness expert, the reason for my calorie intake is to offset my metabolism, period. I would not make money on this, as my doctor tells me, I am the person that everyone that struggles with weight hates. It took 10 years of weight training to get to a weight over 145 from my high school weight of 125. No BS here bud, just a guy with a crazy metabolism. Granted not everything is good calories, some empty some not.
Let's use the basics:
average male skeleton is 15% of BW: 0.15*148 = 22.2 lbs
assume 50% BW is H20 (low estimate): 0.5x148 =74 lbs
Approximately 10% body fat: 0.1*148 = 14.8 lbs
We'll be very generous and say that every remaining pound of you body is muscle which it is not.
That leaves 148 -14.8 -74 - 22.2 = 37 pounds of lean muscle.

Assume (erroneously) an ideal 50 calories per pound of muscle. Heck, we'll even say you have perfect muscles with saturated mitochondria and say 60 calories per lb of muscle = 37*60 = 2220 calories to maintain you body weight.

Do me a favor, open up a account and enter all your food intake and make it so the public can view the site.

5000 calories to maintain 148 pounds isn't happening absent of a lot of physical activity.
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