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Originally Posted by lawn psycho View Post
I certainly don't think I'll ever be called a liberal

Using your logic, we should still use PCBs, asbestos, and any other carcinogen as long as it's profitable or provides jobs, right?

Why do you think Crisco removed trans fat from their shortening? The world won't end by removing trans-fats.

And our life expentancy is up because of pharmacies and more advanced health care. Feel free to learn when the first cardiopulmonary bypass was performed. Same for heart transplants. It may surprise you to realize it wasn't as long ago as you think.

Obesity continues to increase because of processed food. The trans fat is in the cookies as a preservative and doesn't need to be there.

So yes, the girl scouts organization could (and should)mandate that the cookies be made w/o transfat.

If you travel to Asia and Europe you will see far less fat people. It's their diet (stupid).
I did not call you a liberal. But this is most certainly the liberal mentality to save me from myself and call anybody that does not agree with them irresponsible. Death by chocolate anyone?
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