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LP, I am looking at my lunch box right know, I am finishing my second sandwich as I type, I have a can of MD, a vitamin water, a box of OJ, 1-2 cups of cheese nips, 1-2 cups of a home brew chex mix and a yogurt, I already had a banana, two clemintines, two glazed donuts, a cup of coffee and a large glass of milk (forgot, two single serve cracker barrel cheese bars). I have not had dinner yet, and I am not sure what that will be yet. I start eating when I wake up and do not stop until I go to bed, everyday.

I have a BMI of 20.13, my excersise consists of 40-50 sit ups and 20 push-ups every other day, stretching daily to keep my golf swing loose. Other than that, i will ride my mountain bike during the summer, golf and I use a push mower to handle the acre of lawn I have. Oh, yea I chase my kids around quite a bit.

I am not a fitness expert, the reason for my calorie intake is to offset my metabolism, period. I would not make money on this, as my doctor tells me, I am the person that everyone that struggles with weight hates. It took 10 years of weight training to get to a weight over 145 from my high school weight of 125. No BS here bud, just a guy with a crazy metabolism. Granted not everything is good calories, some empty some not.

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