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Originally Posted by Lake Lady 6 View Post
"thatleslie" needs to get a life. If you don't want to eat cookies with trans-fats then don't buy them. Simple as that. Each of us can make our own informed choices.
Wow...personal attacks over girl scouts cookies, that's interesting...didn't realize that caring about people and trying to help inform meant I didn't have a life. I merely pointed out the fact that this is an issue that needs to be addressed as we are suppose to be looking out for the welfare of our kids (as they are probably eating the vast majority of these cookies).

I firmly believe that if the cookies were LESS harmful, that even MORE people would buy them and it would be better for everybody...girl scouts make more money...kellogs makes more money...I get to eat yummy cookies that aren't toxic...simple.

For now, the donation I make goes MUCH further than the 15% per box that the girl scouts get to keep for their efforts. I personally will keep contacting the national organization until they follow through on their promise to remove not only trans fats but also artificial ingredients and food dyes...

PS...just because a label says no trans fats per serving doesn't mean it is not in there...if it lists it in the ingredients label, it is in there, and you are ingesting it. The USDA regulations state that if there is less than a certain percentage, the company does not have to list it as a per serving does in no way mean that it is not in there.

PPS...Thanks Lawn Psycho for the support.
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