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Sorry folks but trans fat is damn near a WMD to the American Public. Same with high fructose corn syrup. Insulin resistance is huge in this country because of food additives.

Go stand naked in front of the mirror. See a little pudge and love handles that you just can't get rid of no matter how much exercise you do? That's because of insulin resistance. The more 'altered' your food is, the worse for you.

I have personally witnessed more fat people on the OR table to get bypasses than I care to admit. The majority of them are overweight. You don't see many fat 80 year olds.

I am not grandstanding about being vegetarian organic freaks but the sad part is some of you are missing some valuable information based on feel good nastalga. So if the Girl Scouts worked with the baking companies to get the cookies to eliminate trans-fat what's the harm?

Get rid of the high frustose corn syrup and additives and you'll be amazed by being careful about labels what it does for you. Thinner waistline, thicker hair, better complexion, better sleep, and on and on and on.
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