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Originally Posted by baygo View Post
Thanks for that stat. Do you have any statistics for the percentage of children with diabetes, or adults with heart disease? Just curious about how big of a chunk of our population has fallen victim. Once we know how large the chunk is we will be able to make an accurate assessment has to weather "Weapon of mass destruction" is appropriate.

Do people read the labels during consumption? Do they keep track and reframe from eating other items because they already ate their daily quota. I don't. I eat cookies by the box.

The shame is that they have apparently known the problem exists for years and they have not done anything about it. I don't understand anyone in a food related business who does business without putting the safety, welfare, health and concerns of their customer first.

Here's a link to the recall video

Sorry but I respectfully disagree with your point of view.

Girl Scout cookies don't make people fat or increase their comorbidities that come with obesity. Generally speaking, people overeating make themselves fat by overeating. (Yes, there's health issues that can contribute, such as a glad problem, but this is about food intake.)

So, are those people really victims? Or did they get in a habit of making poor choices for themselves? I think it's the latter of the two and this is where we differ in opinion. I am a big believer in people being (1) able to make their own choices - freedom, if you will and (2) people being accountable for their actions.

So skip the cookie if they're so bad, in your opinion, and if you want to support a good cause just make a contribution.

When you get down to it - Girl Scouts is a great cause and I wish I'd had girls so I could do it all over again! (Right now I do have a Wolf Cub Scout in my house and will a Bobcat Cub Scout in 2 more years when the youngest joins!) I learned quite a bit about how sales work and how to follow-up with people from selling cookies as a kid. It's not as simple as just knocking on a door and collecting money. Kudos to the girls for getting out there and raising money...
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