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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Table & chairs with cookies, girl scouts, & parent were set up, out front of Heath's supermarket entrance in Center Harbor, today........cookies for sale!
I've seen girl scounts selling them at local supermarkets on weekends.

Sure, they're unhealthy, but I don't think one box a year will kill you.

Here's my girl scout question....As I was leaving a local supermarket last weekend I noticed a cookie sales table set up near the store exit, so I decided to buy my annual box. The table was staffed by two girls (maybe 10-11 y/o) and a woman (perhaps a mother or troop leader). The mom/leader said they were $3.50 a box, so I picked up a box and gave one of the girls a $20. When the mother/troop leader started to make change for me, I said that I wasn't in a hurry and this is something the girls should probably learn how to do. I expected her to help the girl count out the change, but to my surprise she told the kid, "Give 2 quarters, a $1, a $5 and $10. There were no other customers, so I wasn't making anyone wait in line. I was never involved in scouting, but isn't learning supposed to be part of the experience?
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