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Originally Posted by baygo View Post
Awsome! Lets teach our youth to succeed by selling a substance that is hazardous to our health. Let's help them fight childhood obesity by promoting moderation rather than alternative. The taste, texture or integrity of the cookie would not be compromised by using alternatives. The reluctance to use alternatives is likely consequent of the impact their cost would have on the Kelloggs bottom line.

My mother was a den mother for a troop in Western MA. I always thought that the girls would gain more by baking and selling their own cookies. Does anybody know exactly what the breakdown or split with Kelloggs is?

I don't expect cookies to be healthy, I expect them to be less harmful, and my wife won't let me eat them until they are.
You talk about the cookies like they're Weapons of Mass Destruction. Jeez... No harm in a cookie or two. Guess what? There's no trans fats in them PER SERVING (key word!) - look it up. Now, if you eat more than a serving there's trans fats but then you probably don't care by the time you're elbow deep in a box of those suckers.

About 15% of the profit from cookie sales goes to Girl Scouts. No, it's not much but EVERY American KNOWS what a box of Thin Mints looks like. In other words, they're counting on volume.

Don't 'cha just want one of these with a glass of milk? C'mon...

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