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Originally Posted by NoBozo View Post
A little girl rang the doorbell two weeks ago. She was maybe ..maybe 6 years old. Her mother was standing off to the side. Let's see now..when I was a young-un, (50s) there was the Girl Scouts, then BELOW them was the Brownies, and BELOW them was the Fire Flys. It was according to age.

Not being a GIRL at the time..and not knowing anything about Girl Stuff, ...and my memory not what it used to be, maybe I'm in error. Why would a 6 year old be selling Girl Scout Cookies. NB

NEWS Today: (What else is new) Girl Scout Cookies are being RECALLED. I'm not making this up.
This will explain the age breakdown:

The short version: Brownies are Girl Scouts, Cadets are Girl Scouts, and Ambassadors are Girl Scouts - those are various LEVELS of the same program.

-Written by a former, Brownie, Girl Scout, and Sr. Scout.
(And someone who has no problems w/ 'trans fats' but giggles because the name sounds like something Fraud discovered.)
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