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Originally Posted by Billy Bob View Post
have you ever thought about moving to Alaska . That out in the woods alone with no neighbors , hugging you gun mentality seems right up your alley . Most folks see the value in schools, good roads , and helping people that are down on their luck , that takes a little more in taxes then you seem willing to involve yourself with
Where are you from Billy Bob? I'm from Laconia. If you are from another state, which I suspect, I find it rich that you can come here and inform us that our value system is not correct. So I'm supposed to move to Alaska because the state that I love is a much different place than it was when I was younger? Okay, that makes sense.

I have never said that I am not interested in funding education, infrastructure and helping people who TRULY need help. NH natives have traditionally been wary of big government. Democrats finally took over the house in 2006, and what's the first thing they focused on, universal kindergarten. We were just fine without mandating it for the history of the state. Now it isn't good enough. Look at our school systems, one administrator (or more) for every teacher. Look at our investment in Section 8 housing. Look at our investment in rehab facilities. Government is too big. Honestly, I don't want to pay for it.

I haven't even touched on the social issues. States like Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey can keep their progressive values. Our value system was just fine prior to the onslaught of out-of-staters.
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