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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Todays Aug 12 LaDaSun has a factual story on this, including a photo, and it says the bag had one thousand dollars in single dollar bills. Up top this thread it was thought it had something like one hundred thousand dollars, so that's big difference for testing a person's honesty.

Is much less expensive to be honest at $1000 than at $100,000 ..... ho-ho-ho and hut-hut-hut ..... .... to that ..... plus there was a 15-yr old son involved, as well ...... hmmmm?
Well that's true. If I found a Brinks bag outside a store, I would stand in front of the security camera and carefully count it. If it were a small amount like $1000 I would return it and get front-page coverage for my honesty. If it were $100,000 I would make my 15-year-old son sneak off with it hut hut hut.
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