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Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
I pray—PRAY—that Pop's keeps with the formula for the rest of my life.

I've seen soooo many businesses go bad because they lost their way, but each season Pop's is spot on—it really is the perfect mom-and-pop.

Today's seafood plate, for $35, is EXACTLY the quality and quantity I've enjoyed since we first discovered it in 2013, and every time I visit alone, with my family, or with my friends, I walk away thrilled (and full).

My only gripe: today, while apportioning the remaining eight pieces of seafood, I mistook a haddock nugget for a scallop and was disappointed to have saved it for the last bite (haddock obviously being the least interesting)!

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I have had seafood platters in various local establishments over the years and Pops is still hands down winner in quality , quantity and price !
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