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Originally Posted by FlyingScot View Post
Sadly, Lenders, like Dunkin's, are not really bagels, they are only "bagels".

I have not tried Bay Gulls, are they authentic? If I close my eyes, might I believe they were made by an old grumpy jewish guy with a good heart in Brooklyn?

Sailin--I do not know how well they will travel, but I vote that you treat yourself for your birthday...or Christmas...or a dozen St V bagels
I haven't been to Montreal in a long time due to the pandemic. The city was hit very hard. Now I need to renew my passport---no more border hopping on a whim these days. It doesn't really matter if they get stale in transit---toasted St Viateur bagels with butter, jam, or cream cheese are amazing.

Some years ago I had a running argument about bagels with a Jewish friend from New York. She was 100% certain that New York bagels couldn't be beat. I calmly waited until we both ended up at a conference in Montreal and I took her to the St Viateur bagel factory. I easily won that bet by her own admission.
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