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I lived one block from the St Viateur Bagel Factory for 7 years. To get to the shop I walked through the Hasidic neighborhood. Montreal has a very conservative eastern European Hasidic population. It is (or used to be) a very closed community. In 7 years I never got a single Hasidic person to talk to me or return a greeting. On Saturday night as soon as the sabbath was over the Hasidim would form a very long line outside the bagel factory, even on the coldest night in January. (They're not allowed to handle money on the sabbath.)

My post about importing bagels to the Lakes Region was entirely serious. If this could be done at a reasonable price, they would be an instant hit. In the old days these bagels were 85 cents a dozen at the shop in Montreal. Now they're $25 a dozen shipped to the U.S. I'm desperate but not that wealthy.
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