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Originally Posted by codeman671 View Post
I wish Meredith valued islanders as much as Gilford does. When I was an islander in Gilford having full use of Glendale was a huge benefit. Although we are on Bear now, we are still Gilford taxpayers for another property so we still have partial use of the facility (car parking and launch privileges but no island only dock use).

We bought a slip a few years ago because of the growing uncertainty of slip availability. I highly recommend others do the same. Rental slips always seem to pop up out there though.
Agreed, we have been boating on Winni for many years and laughed at the purchase of a slip for many years, 2 years ago the handwriting was clearly on the wall, buy a slip or perhaps have no slip. For those who haven't noticed several Marina's over the past few years have tossed renters for space for new boat sales.
Now, the cost of slips has risen sharply many in excess of a 100K, on Lake Sunpaee they sell for over 250K.
Supply and Demand, that is applicable to buying or renting, as the saying goes you must pay to play and boating isn't for the financially challenged.
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