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Default Bubblers

We also have a camera pointed at our dock which allows adjustments.

Agreed - does not do much for when the ice breaks up - however we are sort of sheltered and the wind is not "normally" in our direction.

Seems like there are 2 different types of bubblers:
1. Sort of a surface bucket type that sit up towards the surface - make lots of noise and one can really see the turbulence
2. One that sits on the bottom that directs warmer water up - quiet - less turbulence - maybe more expensive to run?

We use the 2nd and it seems to work well (we have it towards the end pointing up and back towards the shoreline) but it is critical to have the angle and direction right so it clears the dock and not much more. When it is done right the results are a clear dock with thick ice only feet around the opening.

We use this device - connects to the WiFi and has a phone app that allows you to set almost unlimited ON/OFF times per day or week. Like others have suggested, examine the camera - look at temps - adjust as necessary by turning on and off schedules. Seems to work well and we have never had an issue with the device being over powered by the circulator current.

This is our "Wow it's really cold" schedule aka this weekend. We normally do not have all four scheduled to go on but again we just tweak from what we see in the camera. These devices are not expensive but I suppose if you do not have any WiFi year-round that could be an issue.

We also use the standard outlet and light switch options they offer - can remotely turn on the driveway lights when we are driving up..
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