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Default Isn't Conway the best example of the pitfalls?

Isn't Conway the best example of this kind of ban? If so, Conway is still living with the paradoxes and pitfalls of this kind of law....

BTW I am also sympathetic to folks who try to defer some of their taxation by renting their properties. I have always taken the opinion that folks work so hard for a living that the loud card games until two in the morning, imbibing, etc... are inevitable. I try not to judge as their time is limited, they have the right to some fun, and I am lucky to live here permanently. My wife and I used to rent a house on Cape Cod for 20 years back in the 80s and 90s. The year-rounder guy next-door extended us a lot of "grace" for our "night-time antics".

Below is the Conway article that has been in place for a while -

It still isn't settled, and I have a friend who lives there that says it is still a divided town. Court battles have ensued and it's still not all decided yet - see:

People tend to have strong feelings on this issue and polarization is high. Many of the businesses there have said they can't separate the COVID pandemic from the restriction on visitors by the town, but they all seem to agree that it didn't help. I don't think the secondary implications here were really considered by the Conway Selectmen, and I would urge the Gilford Selectmen to do so. I wonder if the Conway Selectmen have ever wondered "This was a good idea - why?"

I hope the same polarization doesn't happen on the Lake. And I for one wonder if there are other ways to make sure we can get to a WIN-WIN for both visitors and residents. But I know I'm not smart enough to come up with something!
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