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Default Compass and navigating the spar buoys

Went out yesterday down to Alton Bay up to Meredith and everywhere in between awesome day!!

The real reason for the post is. I had been using the compass that you see below for navigating. But as most of you know, that because it shows your heading the east/west ect. appears backward from the actual direction that east/west is .....So thankfully yesterday I found that my GPS has a "compass tape" on it. Which displays your heading and also displays east/west in their actual correct location.....THIS WAS AH HA MOMENT I'VE BEEN WATING FOR!!!!!! When navigating became no longer as intimidating............... Now before anyone says it yes, I could have just went the opposite direction of what the actual compass read but, most times when a boater gets to a buoy, you need to make a decision fairly quickly and any indecision leads to doubt........... I just wanted to share this for any new "captains" this was a game changer for me. I'm comfortable with RSW BNE and knowing which direction is correct, made decision making easy!

....Have a safe holiday weekend everyone!!!

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