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Originally Posted by Long Island Baba View Post

Far Echo mentioned in this thread faces about the same way toward sunsets. It is a larger community with smaller cottage/camp-style homes and atmosphere with dirt roads. They have an awesome beach also. I believe the docks go with property but not certain.

West Point is another Association option next to Wildwood. Similar atmosphere to Far Echo in my opinion with small beach, playground. Lottery based dock and mooring privileges.
Docks do indeed go with the properties in Far Echo.... however not all properties have a dock, and I actually believe the docks carry individual deeds so that they can be transferred to different properties, if a property owner wishes to give the dock space up... Don't quote me on that.....

West point, I forgot about, but that is another decent association.... However the docks and moorings are not lottery based, their is a waiting list... and you hold the slip or mooring as long as you want.... for some based yearly fee once one becomes available to you....

There are 2 or 3 more associations with beaches, etc. on the Island I just can't remember the names currently.
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