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Ok so it's 5:30 in the morning and I'm hearing this very loud white noise whistle running through my head/brain right now. I had not looked at this thread on tinnitus for months but just read my first post again from December. And, there's another thread way down the bottom of the table of contents labelled "What happened to FLL?" ...... all about my tinnitus tragedy.

Back in May when I went to the ENT-Otolaryngology Dept at the Concord Hospital in Laconia I was very very concerned that what I was hearing was dementia. If something walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and sounds like a duck, then it's a duck. Well ...... not actually knowing how dementia works but having this loud white hiss noise happening, I was seriously concerned that it was dementing or dementia-ing my brain as it was a new and very disturbing to have it happening. Well ...... that was a few months ago ..... and I am stiil here with the ability to write and think pretty clearly .... and have been told the best thing is to just try to ignore the white hissing noise and think about something else. That is really difficult to do when you are just wanting to go back to sleep, so here I am, writing about it?

Something about walking or swimming makes it go away, so that's what I do, I walk-swim it away and have lost a little weight what with all this exercise and the depression also make eating food less of a wanted habit to be doing.

For now with my 8-month history with tinnitus, I suppose I am getting more used to it and have less anxiety and less being scared. I was at first having huge anxiety and being very scared. It is debilitating and makes you much less competent as a functioning person which is a big, big problem so coexisting with the tinnitus is not so easy ...... which is why I take all these long walks ..... to escape the tinnitus.

I suppose I am rambling here with this written post ...... and am just commenting as I think about it and have the white hissing noise happening. It is very much a personal health disaster, happening to me. Possibly the anti-depressant, the Nortriptyline 10mg helps me to be so calm while experiencing the white noise hiss. Is time to get up and go take a long walk down that Mad River trail, about 2-miles around Waterville Valley and walk it out and away. And, the outdoor temp here is a cool 44-degrees ...... honest ...... 44-degrees on August 3 at 6:15-am here at altitude 1800' ...... that's a little cold, you know for August 3.
.... age-70 & suffering terrible chronic tinnitus ... omg!
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