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GAF Storm Guard would be better in my opinion than the original recommended stuff. I still prefer Grace, but if you want to save a little money, then the GAF would help, as there is a small difference. However, consider the pricing:

All based on Lowes web site.....

GAF comes only in 200 sq. ft rolls. You said roof was 10X24, so you would need at least 240 sq. ft and probably a little more for overlaps. GAF only comes in 200 ft rolls at Lowes.

2 rolls at $88 each = $176

Grace comes in both 200 and 100 sq. ft rolls. So you would need one of each...

1 @ $149 (200 ft) and 1 @ $80 = $229

Project Savings....$53.

Not sure I can add anything more to the discussion. You have my non-professional opinion. I would go with Grace every time on my own roof, but that is just me. Others on this thread have given you some added info. and opinions. It seems it is now down to a choice for you to weigh. Good luck !!
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