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Since the OP is looking to spend less... no, metal is not an option.
We can come close with ribbed roofing, but it must have a decent slope, and any sealant should be high-temp.

Once you get into standing seam... the cost becomes considerably more expensive.

An unheated porch mostly likely will have a heated transition to a sidewall... the melt there will form an ice dam. And even open structures, sometimes form icicles, which is a sign of snow melting dripping and then refreezing... it can happen under the structure if the warm air causes the roof decking to warm enough to create melting below the snow blanket. It is mainly a spring affliction, but has become more common with our unusual weather.

I would surmise that GAF also has an ''Iron Clad'' period for which it will cover labor costs to replace the shingles.

But the roofer will help determine the costs and lead time for materials acquisition... as GAF Liberty may be the best product depending on the slope and desired look of the porch when the OP's desire for GAF product is taken into consideration.
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