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Default Other places?

There's a lot of focus here on the Weirs Channel, but the law has to be applicable to many many places.
I used to have a larger boat with big props. The problem in the Weirs Channel wasn't steerage until I overtook a smaller boat going only two knots. Then I had no place to go and if I came out of gear, I totally lost steerage. Solution? When your bow anchor gets within a meter or two of the guy's stern pole, lean on the horn, and keep coming. Self solving.
There is a law/rule that prohibits small craft from unreasonably asserting right of way to impede the safe passage of a larger, less maneuverable vessel. Same should apply to going too slow in a congested channel; Weirs, Sally's Gut, GI Bridge, Piscataqua River, etc.
In the old days (1950's) there was a sign at each end of the channel that said Travel time from here to there should not be less than 3(?) minutes. Less traffic of course, but it seemed to work.
New solution for all those that have a GPS? Speed between 3 & 5 kts, move right and allow larger boats to pass. It's really only a problem under the bridge and approaching WOW. After that it is wide enough for passing if you're set on 1.5 kts. Many of our lakes have lake wide mph limits, seems to work. Trying to use one headway speed definition for everywhere leads to discussions like this one.

In the end, I trust MP to make appropriate judgements and enforcement decisions. They're better at it than we are at arguing about it.
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